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Brian in Three Seasons


2006 Ferro Grumley Award

The year is 1995. Thirty-nine-year-old Brian Moss lives alone in New York City's Chelsea neighborhood, his survival in the city barely rising above the marginal. He's in danger of becoming a fixture on his block, someone not registered by those around him. Over three seasons—autumn through spring—events conspire to show Brian, who has a passionate love of art, that a richer life is within his grasp. As Brian's life becomes illuminated within this set passage of time, so does the reader's understanding of an ordinary, extraordinary man.



“In this novel of beauty and pain and wit, Patricia Grossman becomes the kind of author one not only admires, but looks forward to reading again and again for her insight, and fidelity to character, situation, and nuance. We care about her work because she cares, and deeply.” 

—Hilton Als, Pulitzer Prize winner and author of White Girls


"I love Brian Moss. Everything about him compels me—his complicated erotic life, his struggles with his professional identity, the relationships he chooses to discard and those he pursues. In Brian, Grossman has created a protagonist whose fate matters." —Joseph Olson, author of Vanitus


". . . nicely nuanced . . . an engrossing cast of secondary characters” —Publishers Weekly


“Deftly done.” —Kirkus Reviews






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