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By Friday night, every one is ready. Those who live far away are already loading their trucks. Those who live closer can sleep through the moonlit night. But everyone, from near or far, will arrive at the market before dawn.


"This well-designed book successfully combines text and vibrant artwork to portray the cultural richness of the Zapotec people and bring to life a Saturday market in a town in Oaxaca, Mexico. The story is simply written in carefully crafted words that effectively capture the spirit of the vendors. Grossman introduces an array of characters who make preparations and have hopes, fears, anger, and joy about their activities at the market. They bring articles they have made (huaraches, rebozos); animals they have raised; and produce (chiles, flowers) they have harvested. One boy hopes that he will NOT make a sale: "... in his heart, Luis cannot bear to think that his fat and charming pig will become a rich man's feast." Paco's rooster does not crow: "He plans to give back the silent rooster and make the cheat give him two roosters that crow." Diego brings his favorite parrot along, but when shoppers offer to buy the bird, he replies ,"Would you sell your mejor amigo?" An excellent introduction to one of the most important elements of Latin American culture, suitable for independent reading or group sharing." 

School Library Journal


Américas Award, The Consortium of Latin American Studies Programs


Grossman ( The Night Ones ) here renders a composite portrait of the sprawling market held each week in Oaxaca, Mexico. Each spread introduces another vendor or market-goer, explaining what he or she is selling or buying and, in most cases, presenting the Spanish word for the item. . . . Together, the smoothly balanced text and pictures take the reader on an informative stroll through a bustling marketplace. 

Publishers Weekly









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